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Server Rack and PDU

server rack - Universal rack enclosure solutions for advanced storage, cooling, power distribution, cable management and security in data centers and network rooms. The world and the data center environment is changing, the server rack is designed to accommodate today's powerful computing hardware and scalable to cater for emerging high end blade server and equipment technologies that are rapidly appearing over the horizon.

We Will Provide high quality Server Rack for the End user . These include brand of Panduit , Austin Hughes , CPI etc.,




Open Rack
2 Post Rack
4 Post Rack


Cable Routing system (FiberRunner and Wyr Grid)

The Panduit ® FiberRunner ® Cable Routing System ensures maximum network reliability and reduced cost of ownership. Robust, highly engineered components with integral bend radius control surfaces can be configured to meet virtually any network application to provide optimum cable protection and assure network performance. Fast and easy to deploy, this scalable cable routing solution reduces installation cost and speeds implementation of new services.

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Cable containment:

Panduit's Energy Efficient Data Center Cabinet System offers containment, in-cabinet ducting, and improved sealing that optimizes air separation and provide superior energy savings compared to competitive offerings. Optimized energy efficiency and capacity utilization begin with improved sealing. Even small air leaks within a cabinet will impact data center energy efficiency, regardless of the heat load. Leaks allow hot air recirculation forcing IT equipment inlet fans to work harder and consume more energy, limiting per cabinet power utilization. Panduit® Net-Access™ Cabinets reduce the air leakage typical in competitive cabinets by as much as 80%.


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Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

In Server Room PDUs are needed to power multiple server cabinets. Each server cabinet may require multiple high current circuits possibly from different phases of incoming power or different UPS. Whatever the level of criticality--basic distribution, remote monitoring, or control at the receptacle level—an PDU solution can fit your application needs.




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3Phase, 20KVA Isolation Transformer
Input Power: 380V Delta
Output Power: 380V Star
Capacity: 25KVA
Input Current: 31.5AMP
Output Power: 30AMP
Standard: IEC60076-11:2004
Insulation Type: Class B
Dimension: 650 x 410 x 850mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 210Kg


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