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Fire Protection System of Server Room Set up

Gaseous Fire Protection system is a standard Server Room fire system which can avoid critical water leakage, compared with traditional sprinkler head system. It consists of three parts:



Used to activate and discharge FM200 gas automatically. Different zones of smoke detector inside the server room will be housed and fire signal will be transmitted to the control panel when detector is activated.



FM200 is a colorless, liquefied compressed gas, which is stored as a liquid and dispensed into hazard as a electrically non-conductive vapor. FM200 system is an approved system by the Fire Services Department and the design is complied with Certificate of Conformity of Quality System.



The FM200 system consists of a control panel which is used to control the whole system, interface with other devices and indicate the system status. For the alarm system, alarm bell, siren and flashing lights will be installed inside and outside the protected area to provide warning.


3Link provide Kidde FM-200 System, a clean agent fire suppression system that protects high value assets from fire and the effects of fire-fighting, allowing normal operations to be resumed quickly with no collateral damage and clean-up costs. Kidde Fire Protection is at the forefront of new technologies in fire safety, offering a range of state-of-the-art fire extinguishing systems

3Link also provide the complete sets certification for the FM200 from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.


Product Featires:

FM200 Control Unit:
  • Install FM200 Control Unit
  • outside server room
Warning equipment:
  • Install warning light box w/ flashing light, alarm bell and siren– Inside Server Room
  • Install warning light box w/ flashing light, alarm bell– Outside Server Room
FM200 Gas Cylinder:
  • Test & Commissioning
Actuation Unit:
  • Install FM200 Actuator, pressure switch and piping for installing FM200 gas cylinder
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