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Rack Management of Server Relocation


With not only investment but also strategic cost riding on the relocation of any company's IT hardware and physical facilities,our clients turn to  us to handle Relocation Management. Our solid experience in both the brainwork and the logistics of getting disparate IT equipment moved, reset and tested, all within tight moving and set-up deadlines, gives clients the dependability they need.No matter it is relocation, renovation, upside or downsize, our computer system relocation services provide you with a single point of contact for your total solution. Our computer system relocation services are flexible, responsive, and value-oriented, and are among the most comprehensive available. Our team of specialists comes in long before the move to determine your needs, working with your staff to address specific requirements. Computer system relocation services include move of workstations (PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, network cable and power cords), Desktop printers, Servers & Cabinets.


Process of Computer Relocation:
  • Labeling and marking
  • Disconnect all cables
  • Unload equipment from racks
  • Uninstall all the rack mount kits
  • Protection packing
  • Transportation from old office to new office
  • Reinstall all the rack mount kits
  • Open packing
  • Reload equipment to racks
  • Reconnect all cables and patching
  • Power test & commissioning




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Pre-Move IT Planning Meetings


This is an important first step in the relocation process. 3Link will assign a Project Manager to Client and will meet with your IT department members to discuss the requirements for the relocation. In these meetings, 3Link project manager and technicians will discuss more details and determine the move's impact on the data processing needs before and after the relocation.

3Link Project Managers will then develop a Network Relocation Plan and schedule. His responsibilities will include ongoing Relocation Project Management and Relocation Project Support. Project Managers will continue to meet with the mover's relocation coordinator and Client's IT department to ensure that all aspects of the plan are covered and to update and address any new needs as they arise.



Server Rack Layout

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Switch Port Mapping Plan Version
Server Rack Arrangement Layout

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