Cable Management

3Link provides a one-stop cabling solution. We have the capabilities and expertise to move floor boards, lay new power infrastructure and extend or undertake data cabling installation. Our solution comes with a full warrantee, which can be wholly new or a complementary extension to your existing network.


All work is carried out by our qualified cabling engineers at 3Link. Our experience of the cabling process means we can offer practical and knowledgeable advice regarding the correct solution for your business. We provide detailed plans on floor box positions, ensuring compatibility with space planning and desk layouts. Following the installation, we provide a detailed floor and patching database, so that your new cabling solution can be managed going forward.


Direct Switch Patching

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Fiber Panel in Rack

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Short Patch Cord Solution

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Side Panel

Self Photos / Files - Side Panel


Wireless Monitoring System

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Rack to Rack Cable

Tackling your rack cable management during set-up and installation of server cabinets will ensure that it's easy to expand, reconfigure and perform maintenance without having to worry about unplugging the wrong thing or navigating through the tangled cables. Vertical/horizontal cable managers and cable trays are great ways to secure, bundle and route your cables to make sure everything is easy to access and identify.


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